Doctor’s Letterhead Templates

A doctor’s letterhead is the heading on the letter-headed paper, mostly at the top, containing basic information about the doctor. Letterheads are essential for doctors and people practicing medicine. Its main purpose is to communicate with the clients in a creative and exciting manner.

A well-created and cleverly designed letterhead expresses the credibility and reliability of the brand and makes a good impression on clients and compeers. Letterheads typically consist of a logo, hospital or clinic name, doctor’s name, and contact information.

A doctor’s letterhead helps…

  • It provides the most basic information at a glance. People can easily get in touch with the doctor by using the information provided.
  • Letterhead can serve as a marketing tool to attract or persuade more potential clients.
  • It Provides ready-made information and a doctor doesn’t have to write the same thing over and over again.
  • Doctors use letterheads for writing prescriptions for medical treatments and medications. They are also used for making medical certificates and invoices.
  • It becomes official proof that a particular doctor prescribed a particular medicine.
  • A well-designed and aligned letterhead looks professional and formal and patients or clients are pleased if they are formally regarded.

Designing of the letterhead for medical professionals or doctors should be kept simple and clean because its main purpose is to convey information. The main focus should be the logo, as it defines the identity of the doctor or a clinic. Nowadays, doctor Letterhead designs are leaning more toward a minimalist look.

  • The letterhead design should not be too busy.
  • It should be made in a readable and clear font.
  • A margin should be left on the outer edges of the letterhead to make it look neat and professional.
  • A Doctor’s letterhead should always appear serious and professional because of the seriousness of the profession.

Common Format

A proper hierarchy must be followed while preparing the letterhead; making sure that all the key elements are accessible and evident to the reader. The information can be written on the top-left, right, and middle.


Doctor’s Name

Doctor’s Qualifications

Clinic or Hospital contact number


The layout of the letterhead must be so effective that it successfully draws attention to the logo or the name of the clinic or hospital. It must be in a larger font than the rest of the text.

For other information, such as name and contact, a font size of 10-12 points should be used. The size of the letterhead must not be too big. The resolution of the letterhead must be at least 300dpi.

Usually, the color used for the paper is plain white or cream color of a standard business size paper, to avoid any distraction from the main message. The weight and texture of the paper must also be considered.

A light and rough paper look tacky and non-professional. If a design or a picture is desired to be added in the background, it should not be too bright or colorful, otherwise, it will interfere with the text written on it.

Sample Word Templates


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