General Physician Letterheads

A general physician is a professional individual whose job is to treat people with acute and chronic illnesses. They are not specialists in any area and their main task is to provide people with general medical care. Because they are general physicians, their job is not confined to any specific area and the number of patients they have to entertain is more than any other doctor.

What is a general physician letterhead?

It is a simple office document that a GP uses in his office for written correspondence with patients and other medical professionals. It is a useful document because it contains information about the clinic of the doctor.

Why does a GP use letterhead?

People have many reasons to use letterheads. It is essential for general medical practitioners also to use letterhead because it gives a document an identity. Here are a few top reasons to use a letterhead:

It gives a professional look to the document:

A document issued by a doctor must possess a unique look. It has a prescription or advice from a doctor. It is important for a patient to keep a record of which doctor he has visited and what medicine he has been prescribed. The letterhead gives all the required information.

It gives an identity to a document:

A prescription from a doctor without a letterhead will have no identity. No one can confirm which doctor has issued that prescription. In addition, a prescription not written on a letterhead doesn’t have any authenticity. Since general physicians want to give their prescriptions recognition, they need to use a letterhead.

It provides details regarding the doctor:

The upper part of the letterhead includes details such as the contact details of the doctor and his clinic so that people can contact the doctor as and when it is needed. When a patient tries to buy medicine from a medical store, he will have to show the prescription to the store to prove that it has been prescribed by the doctor. The store will have no problem selling medicines based on the prescient.

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How to design a general physician letterhead?

People who are new to their area of practice always need a letterhead to make written correspondence with others. Some of them also want to see a unique document for correspondence due to which they consider designing a letterhead of their own. Here are a few tips for designing a unique letterhead for your medical practice letterhead:

Keep it basic:

Since you are a doctor, you don’t need a fancy letterhead. You can go with a simple document with light and subtle colors as well as a simple background design. A simple letterhead looks better when you have to give advice or prescribe medicines to your patients.

Represent your clinic:

Whether you are running your private clinic or you are practicing in a hospital, you can always use the letterhead to represent the brand. Use the logo of the hospital and the same color scheme as the entire hospital uses to represent the hospital. In addition, when you use the logo of the hospital, you prove that you belong to that hospital. People who trust the hospital will also know you as a trustworthy GP who works with diligence to show association with the doctor and never does anything such that brings shame to the name of the hospital.

Use software:

It is very easy for people to design a letterhead if they use an online tool. Many online tools help people with graphics and adding effects to their letterheads. Using a template often enables people to get a ready-made letterhead that is easy to edit and customize. However, some people need a unique letterhead. For such people, several other types of software are present such as photoshop which allows them to design the letterhead of their choice without any intervention.

Using templates is a better option because most people are not aware of how they can use any other software or they will have to learn it. Some doctors also hire graphics designers for this purpose which is not economical.