Professional Business Letterheads

A professional business letterhead is a pre-printed heading on a paper that is used for professional and business correspondence. Often, a set of such paper sheets is also referred to as a letterhead. As a letterhead contains the specific information of a company, such as its name and logo, it is considered a valid and professional document and is acceptable to the other organizations or parties.

There are many benefits of using a professional business letterhead, such as:

  • A letterhead creates an association between the sheets of paper with the organization.
  • One can easily know the basic information of the organization and can easily contact it if required.
  • The use of the logo and colors indicate the brand image to the receiver.
  • Sometimes, it can even serve the purpose of marketing and promoting a company.
  • The letterhead on a paper makes it a formal document and increases its validity and authenticity.
  • The uniformity of business correspondence can be achieved by using a letterhead.

Although a professional business letterhead is often used by large companies, small companies and sole proprietorships may also use them. In addition, professionals, like doctors, salon owners, etc., may also utilize letterheads for professional communications. In the latter case, their private and professional letterheads may be the same and serve the same purpose as well.

Letterheads can be used for various sorts of correspondences, such as:

  • Various types of internal and external letters.
  • Internal and external applications.
  • Business proposals.
  • Tender notices.
  • Responses to tender notices.
  • Internal or external notices.
  • Employee experience letters.
  • Employee reference or recommendation letters.
  • Doctor prescriptions.
  • Bill receipts.
  • Communication with the customers and/or responses to their queries or complaints.
  • Request for insurance (through the organization) claims.

A company gets its letterhead designed by professionals and gets them printed on good quality sheets of paper. The following considerations should be kept in mind while designing the letterhead or getting it designed:

  • It is important that the letterhead should reflect the company‚Äôs image.
  • The choice of text, words, colors, and images should be aligned with the brand image. The viewer or receiver should not get confused and should be able to figure out what the company is all about.
  • The selection of background colors needs to be made carefully so that the text written on the letterhead remains visible and legible.
  • The letterhead design should have elements of professionalism, exclusivity, uniqueness, and distinctness.
  • The format and design of the letterhead information and the format of the stamps used in the business should be the same to avoid any misunderstanding as well as maintain a harmonious image.

Generally, on letterhead, the information included entails:

  • Name of the company or individual (e.g. in the case of a doctor).
  • Address and contact.
  • Slogan
  • Logo or any related image.
  • Background picture, color, or any text, if required.




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