Business Letterhead Designs and Formats

What is Business Letterheads?

According to Visme, business letterheads are a “stationery design that unifies your printed correspondence to your brand. According to this definition, business letterhead is important to harmonize and coordinate your stationery with your brand to create an image and brand personality.

Speaking in simple terms, business letterheads are the pre-printed documents that are used for business communication including business letters, cover letters, research summaries, and report letters. They all use letterheads because letterheads look professional and create a brand image. However, some companies use different letterheads for different offices/departments, but it is encouraged to use a general letterhead not only in the single office but in all other branches or franchises too.

What are the Contents of Good Business Letterheads?

Business letterheads should have the following information:

  1. Name of the company
  2. Logo of the company
  3. Location of the company
  4. Phone number of the company
  5. Email address of the company
  6. The slogan of the company (optional)

How can I create a Business Letterhead by myself?

One can easily create business letterheads by himself without any exertion or spending any money. However, it is encouraged to use an expert graphic designer and good paper quality. Moreover, if you are a start-up, I shall advise you to get a service provider for your company’s letterheads. There are various companies and service providers who provide business services like letterhead designing, logo designing, and other works. They also offer affordable packages that are inexpensive and provide great quality.

You can create your business letterheads by following simple steps:

  1. Pick a business letterheads template from any good website
  2. Use an editor to edit the information
  3. You can add, remove, or reorder the information already given
  4. Add your business information
  5. Add your company’s name, logo, address, etc.
  6. Edit the color and theme of the letterheads according to the design and color of your business.

What makes business letterhead look more professional?

Business letterheads look more professional if they unify with the color and design of your brand. Here, ‘your brand’ refers to many things including the color and design in which your business name has been displayed, other stationery items of the company like memos, pencils, pads, and envelopes, etc., and furniture of the office. If your business letterheads are unified with other items, it looks more credible, competent, and professional.

Is letterhead important to an established business only?

No, it is not true. Business letterheads are equally important for start-ups as much as they are important for established and grown-up businesses. According to research, people are more attracted to your business if it is professionally recognized. To form a professional recognition of the new business in the competitive market, it is important to take care of everything including the stationery of the business.

Moreover, business letterheads create a brand image and brand awareness of your business. Therefore, it is mandatory for a business to design its business letterheads effectively and with good quality service.