What is a letterhead?

A letterhead is a printed heading on the top of any document which contains the name, logo, and address of the company. The letterhead is included in all the documents that belong to a particular company. The company adds the letterhead when it wants to impart a professional look.

What are some common uses of letterheads?

The letterheads are used by almost every company regardless of the type of company and the industry in which it operates. There is a variety of uses for these letterheads. Letterheads are very common to use in every small and big organization. Here are some of the common uses of the letterhead.

For Meeting minutes:

Meeting minutes are an important part of the meeting that is held in any company. People participating in the meeting write the meeting minutes on the official paper of the company. The official paper includes the letterhead on its top. The purpose of taking the meeting minutes on the official document is to indicate that the minutes belong to that company

For issuing the notice:

Notices are issued in almost every organization. When an organization has something important to inform about, it prepares a notice on the document with letterhead and then the notice is either posted on the notice board or sent to the relevant people through email or text message. When the notice is printed on paper with the letterhead on its top, no one can doubt the credibility of the notice.

For issuing prescriptions:

Almost every doctor uses the prescription pad with the letterhead printed on it. Whenever a doctor issues a prescription to the patient, the letterhead on it tells which doctor has prescribed the medicine and on which date.

Printable letterhead template:

If you are going to start your own business or you have just entered professional life, it is important for you to learn that it is imperative to use a document with letterhead on it. So, when you feel the need to get the letterhead for your company, you can either create your own letterhead or you can download the letterhead template.

The letterhead template also allows people to customize it in order to make the letterhead of their choice. The template also allows the user to bring changes to the design of the letterhead by changing the color of the letterhead, changing the font of the letterhead, changing the logo of the company, and whatnot.

With the use of the letterhead template, the user is given the flexibility to add the design, color, and pictures of his choice. The template ensures that the user gets a premium design of the letterhead. The design can be made more stylish by using high-quality paper for printing the letterhead on it.

Before you start using the template, you should consider the type of business you want a letterhead for. The letterhead varies from business to business. These templates provide stylish and premium letterheads that are completely free.

The following are given the templates and categories for various types of letterheads, chose the one that you needed or write to us so that we can design it for you.

School letterhead template
School letterheads
Golf club letterhead template
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SPA center letterhead template
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Pet care company letterhead
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General physician letterhead template
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Trading company letterhead template
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Production and management company office letterhead
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School principal office letterhead
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Executive letterhead design format and template
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Manager office letterhead template
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Corporate business letterhead template
Business letterheads
CEO office letterhead template
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Office letterhead template
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Small business letterhead template
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Salon business letterhead template
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Business letterhead template
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Black and white color letterhead for business
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Consultant Letterhead Template
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Doctor Letterhead Template
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Corporate business letterhead template
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Word 2007 letterhead template
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Aviation association letterhead template
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Legal services office letterhead template
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Convenience store letterhead template
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IT professional association office letterhead
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Beauty parlor office letterhead
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Fabricators association office letterhead
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Waste management association office letterhead
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Religious event services office letterhead
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Yarn association office letterhead template
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Medical store letterhead template
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Cattle farm business letterhead
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Church association office letterhead
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Advocate office letterhead
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Recruitment company letterhead template
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Nutritionist Letterhead Template
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Law office letterhead template
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National education association letterhead
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Engineer Association Letterhead Template
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Supermarket office letterhead template
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Writers office letterhead template
Writers office letterheads
Sports equipment sales office letterhead
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General physician letterhead template
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Interior designer association letterhead
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Certified public accountant association letterhead
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Housing society office letterhead template
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Building material office letterhead template
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Clothing brand office letterhead
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Production and management company office letterhead
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Pharmaceutical Company Office Letterhead Templates
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Funeral services office letterhead
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Public speaker office letterhead template
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Plumbing service company letterhead
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Arts professional Association Letterhead Template
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Animal care association letterhead template
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Telecom customer service company letterhead
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Teacher letterhead template
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Marketing company letterhead template
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Healthcare services office letterhead
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Accountant Letterhead Template
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Auto workshop or car mechanic letterhead
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Tailor letterhead template
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Pastor letterhead template
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Post office letterhead template
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Painting company letterhead template
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Hardware store letterhead template
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Boutique letterhead template
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Grocery store letterhead template
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Architect letterhead template
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Poultry business letterhead template
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Dairy farm business letterhead template
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Logistics company letterhead template
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Transport company letterhead template
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Agriculture company letterhead template
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Travel agency letterhead template
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Insurance company letterhead template
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Manufacturing company letterhead template
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Finance company letterhead template
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Global communication company letterhead template
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Tech company letterhead template
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Music company letterhead template
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Medical insurance company letterhead template
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Tech company letterhead template
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Football association letterhead
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Dental care center letterhead template
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Childcare center letterhead template
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Investment management company letterhead template
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Solar energy company letterhead template
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Physiotherapist letterhead template
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Charity organization letterhead template
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Catering company letterhead
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Car company letterhead template
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Hotel letterhead template
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School letterhead template
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Hospital letterhead template
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Optical Store Letterhead Template
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Letterhead Template
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