Business Letterhead Templates and Formats

“Half of what you see is true”, said Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of the USA. Appearance plays a vital role in furthering the perception management of anything. Where a negative impression can drag one down, a positive demeanor and outlook can do wonders or at least give a head start to an individual in any capacity. This is applicable not only on an individual basis but holds true for every group, or even societies and more. Businesses are no exception either.

The success of any business depends largely on the number of clients it serves and how they perceive it. While there are a number of factors for any business to build up for clients’ positive perception, foremost amongst them is the face of it, its letterhead.

A letterhead is a paper that comprises the business’ name, its logo (that can be either at the top or as a light background), an address, telephone/fax numbers, and/or an email. It is the first thing that develops a formal relationship between a client and a business. Just like the old saying, “the first impression is the last impression”, and with a charismatic letterhead in place, the only hurdle between the start and ensuing excellence is to ensure that the business lives up to the mark of its letterhead.

It may seem like a trivial affair but a top-notch letterhead extends a lot of successful vibes and can be helpful to a business in a number of ways. Few of the obvious benefits of an alluring letterhead can be summarized as under:-

  1. Touch of Professionalism. When a client is unsure of putting his / her trust in any business, an excellent up to mark letterhead may help in eradicating that trust deficit and serve that purpose. It gives a professional, credible, and an organized outlook to the business. It simply shows that the business cares for its clients enough to go the extra mile by investing in its letterhead.
  2. Good Marketing / Branding. In a competitive marketplace, every other success story trickles down to good advertising. A professional appealing letterhead with just the right tone of branding speaks volumes of the business’s prevalent culture. Good branding of any business, as a flat formula, means a skilled specialized business team. Right advertising might as well go a long way in ensuring a cemented foothold in the open market.
  3. Legal Value. A supplementary benefit that comes with all the other intrinsic advantages of a letterhead is that of its legal aspect. Any correspondence done on letterhead is good enough to be used in the court of law, if need be, for any legal proceedings.
  4. Good Communication Platform. The inherent information written on the letterhead provides a platform for a client to be in constant communication with the business. Without going into the hassle of ensuring the transmission of contact information, the letterhead affirms that all necessary details have been disseminated for any future correspondence.
  5. Investing in Letterhead is going an Extra Mile. A good letterhead shows the extra effort being put into it by the company. It makes the business unique and stands out from the rest of rival competitors. Imagine a stack of mail placed in front of you and amongst that, one particular page exceptionally matchless from the rest. That’s what an unparalleled letterhead can do.

Any entrepreneur who desires to have a successful business will invest in an appealing letterhead regardless of the magnitude of the business spread. A small business is in want of a good letterhead as much as a large investing business. From the face value of a business to covering the legal aspects, professionalism to being a signature mark of your company, investment in a letterhead; in terms of monetary value and time; always pays off. In short, it is a simple technique to catch the eyes of the client with efficient dividends.

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